so GOOD // BAD // UGLY. The end. The beginning.

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A screenshot of captures a snapshot of where I am now poised: on the brink of the beginning! Truly, this site isn’t nearly close to completion/selection of plugins (still searching for that WordPress bar navi-frame), but its look and content have been more finely tuned to my initial vision. True, I initially planned for more posts than I currently have, as well as to have mass-emailed within my circle, but that will still happen (hopefully this week). Plus, I have not yet integrated my twitter feed… though I have installed a plugin on the admin side to publish shortlinks to my blog posts into my twitter feed (blog pushing to Twitter, not the other way around…for now).

If this is the end of COM 495 but the beginning of the life of, let’s look at some future plans:

  • Publicity blitz, as mentioned above. Facilitated too through other SNS apps, Tweet This plugin, etc.
  • Themed posts, such as “I Remember That” (chronicling Good, Bad, or Ugly trends, movies, etc from the past) and “Fashion Friday.” Also, “My Good City” posts could feature stuff to do in Seattle and around the country, possibly generating a local/loyal crew of followers
  • More contributors! Invite friends to become authors
  • Altering several current plugins, like Disqus (not quite where I want it to be)
  • Investigate how to get that little green check mark by my site’s name when it is listed in a search…computers with Norton or other online security programs won’t be sure that they can trust sogoodbadugly’s content
  • Comment on friends’ and classmates’ blogs, keeping the dialogue going
  • Consider new methods for finding imagery, such as my photographer acquaintance or generating my own digital pics
  • Getting a web cam; personal posts could help brand my blog, as suggested by problogger

This process has taken unexpected turns (read: MySQL), but I feel more capable and competent in this digital world we are now in. In fact, I believe I have the chops to throw a few tips at some of my independently blogging friends (read: copyright infringement). Now how about that!

Hoping to see you online again,

Liz Lantz

2 better ways to search

We all use Google so extensively, that when we want to search for something we say that we are “googling it.” So, can anything replace the Google search?

Screenshot of Fair use.

It is Google itself that has given us two alternatives to our typical Google search page. Though powered by the same Google algorithms for searching, they represent an evolution in what we expect a search engine to be, and follow definite tech trends.

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Voyeurism, celebrity, diaries, networking… no wonder we like blogs

Blogs and online privacy. Original cartoon “Johnny Gets the Word” (1965) US Health Dept, changes by Andy Baio, from*

After reading Miller and Shepherd’s article discussing the genre and social dynamics of blogging, it strikes me how often we assume that our actions are anonymous.

I am not pointing to the examples listed in the article, of bloggers relating their sexual encounters online and then discovering that their parents can find and read their posts (not to mention employers). While this is definitely a truth that some have yet to realize, my attention is drawn more to the anonymity we assume to have in other situations, including those in “real life.” Continue reading ‘Voyeurism, celebrity, diaries, networking… no wonder we like blogs’

Convergence: More questions than answers

As a student, Internet service at home is essential for success. True, UW students have access to 24-hour libraries (at least most days), but the inconvenience of such a dependence would certainly be limiting, as well as personally stressful. Students need Internet.

Similarly, cable tv service at home is essential for success true happiness getting news … well fine, cable tv is not an essential. It is a luxury, but one that I would personally be hard-pressed to give up.

And for my internet and tv services, I turn to “bundling” from telcoms companies to lower my costs. Continue reading ‘Convergence: More questions than answers’

The last big push…and it WILL be big

Truly, my project is far from where it needs to be. A combo punch of group projects (somehow always so time consuming) and grade-dependent papers have squished my timeline for adding content.

On the down side, my posts will be closer together in terms of their publishing dates. On the plus side, I will be able to wholly devote myself to properly launching my site without the starts/stops of inconsistent posting.

My goals: a dozen posts by quarter’s end (four of each “type” of post). Totally manageable, I think. The major “hunk” of writing will begin Wednesday, and most likely occur daily. Interestingly, I am not too far off from where I had intended myself to be at this point; my timeline originally planned on getting the settup done and then blogging the heck out of it. ;)

My timeline post included that:

By end of Thanksgiving weekend (so, Monday the 30th)…begin blogging, get peer feedback

By the next Friday, 4th of December…Implement changes based on feedback, begin daily blogging and implementation of researched entries

Which is about where I am. Blogging must be done gradually, unlike a research paper, but like a research paper it must be done cohesively…which will hopefully be the effect of entering a consistent phase of posting.

While I believe I am coming down with some kind of atrocious cold (may stay home today!), I hope to get some outside help this week on getting my page appearance closer to what I imagined. Truly, this has been a big stumbling block for me, both in terms of implementation and my ability to “move on” to something else. I tried waiting last week after class, but some days lend themselves better to extra help more so than others…both for Professor Gill and myself!

Ultimately, the question is, do I have to pay to use one of the free themes I want? How do I implement “free themes” from these web designers? I’d really love some help/feedback!

Getting what we pay for

Commercialization in artistic media, Fair Use*

Often in COM 495, we are asked, “Would you pay for it?” We pause and consider the technology, be it Hulu or LinkedIn, and respond accordingly. Usually, the answer is “No.”

I was reminded of such evaluations when reading Michael Skoler’s article on the Nieman Reports site. (@my COM 495 classmates: Major deja vu reading this for you too?) Skoler writes, “…a fact of business is that people only pay for what has obvious value to them.” Clearly, the reluctance to invest financially in new technology–especially in this economic downturn–is rooted in the traditional rules of business. What has changed is technology’s “obvious value.”

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Super sources for bettering your blog!

Wikipedia and Delicious can be a great place to start when beginning any kind of project, be it an academic paper or a personal blog. Socially-generated, the content is usually pretty accurate, and can act as a springboard for creativity!

One reason I began my other blog (So Good, So Bad, So Ugly) was to highlight those special happenings in our world, especially the viral video phenomenon of “happenings.” As explained by Wikipedia, a happening is “a performance, event, or situation meant to be considered art.”

Here is an example of the spontaneous dancing sort (look forward to more on my soGBU blog):

Moving beyond the topical to the operational, websites can help with the behind-the-scenes functionality of my blog. Visiting Delicious, I searched with the tags “wordpress” and “plugin,” hoping to find something useful.

Screen capture of delicious search,

Good news, I did! This 20+ list from net.tuts+ has some great finds, and the content is recent, having been published two days ago.  (Especially interested in the imagery plugin). Molto bene!


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